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The New Era of Construction Has Arrived



Bringing to Israel Construction Digitization Services That Are Already An Industry Standard in

The United States and Europe 

Raising the Standards of Construction in Israel

360 Quality 3D tour compare option

All On One Platform


An Innovative and Professional Remote Management Platform


'Google Street View' of your project that enables improved communication and collaboration with all the professional factors in the project that enables significant time and budget savings.

Personal Interface For Your Customers


Through a secure dedicated login, customers can easily and remotely, track the progress of their project and thus, increasing trust and confidence in the process. Give your company a significant competitive advantage in the market.


Your Insurance Certificate


Thanks to the black box documenting the construction project and the quantity of data collected,  X-rays of every angle in the project can easily resolve claims and disputes. Save up to 87% of the time and costs involved.

Imagine that there is a solution that knows how to make your entire construction site digital, thus showing significant savings in resources, any claim or dispute can be easily resolved, while quickly locating the defects, improving communication between the various factors and a system that reflects processes with end customers.

These are just some of the solutions we can offer

Full visual documentation
of the construction process

All stages of construction are digitally documented and displayed in a convenient and accessible way in the cloud. Enabling professional and convenient presentation to customers and suppliers.

Smart professional management

During the virtual tour you can mark the points you want to discuss and take notes in an easy and convenient manner.

Professional monitoring of construction progress

Take measurements, view from any angle, time travel, and analyze the view from different dates using side by side comparisons.

Personal interface

Track the progress of construction processes, from anywhere and at any time and saves unnecessary site visits.

Reducing duplicate jobs and saving resources

Thanks to the documentation of the processes, it is possible to communicate comfortably between all suppliers and subcontractors, thus producing a smooth and hermetic construction process.

Big data of your project

Collect a huge amount of data points using 360 technology 
and BIM interface.


Want 360 X-ray vision of your construction site?


Enables a virtual journey in the project,

In the significant milestones,

The data is available from anywhere at any time and

enables professional project management,

Comparing all phases of the project by dates,

Visually and conveniently.

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